Memorial Timing
Tuesday to Sunday
9.30 AM to 5 PM
Closed on
(Monday, Dhuleti, Chaudas,
Amas and Ekam
of Shravan Month. )
For those who dare To Dream, There Is a Whole World to Win
About Chorwad

Chorwad is located in the south-west of Junagadh district. It is the ancient town; its first written evidence is seen in history 796 A.D. In the earlier times, the town was situated on sea-shore. However, due to some natural mishap, it moved to a location that is 4 km away from the original one. The actual period is unknown but it is assumed that it might have happened a thousand year ago.
In ancient time, Chorwad was a trading harbor. Initially the population of the business class locally named as ‘Banias’ was the dominant. Major population in Chorwad is Koli caste, which is part of ancient tribes of India.

Present name of the town Chorwad has many mythical stories. Some of them say that name of the town came from old name of Chanchiyawad, means where sea pirates used to harbor around, from there there it has been local dialect transformed to Chorwad.

Famous and legendry industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani hails from Chorwad. He spent his childhood and early days of adolescent before moving abroad in pursuit of his dreams. In modern days, Chorwad has been recongised by the name of the business legend’s home town.

Chorwad is well known for religious temples like Jhund Bhavani Mataji Temple, Jain Derasar, Dudheshwar Mahadev, Ratneshwar Temple, Nagnath Temple and Bhutnath Temple. Shakti Sarovar is a good example of public private partnership which is jointly constructed by Reliance Industries, former Governor of West Bengal Mr. Virendra Shah and other non-residents of the town.

Chorwad is located around 70 kilometers from Junagadh and around 100 kilometers from Mahatma Gandhiji’s birth place Porbandar. It is well connected with the important tourist places of the state such as pilgrimage Dwarka (267 km) , Veraval 25 km) , Somnath (30 km), Gir National Park (35 km) and Mount Girnar.

Regional Connectivity
Taluka – Maliya
District – Junagadh
Nearest Bus Station – Keshod and Veraval
Nearest Railway Station – Chorwad Road (5 km)
Nearest Airport – Porbandar (100 km)